LOCKREF - Features of Electronic Lock Systems


LOCKREF is an RFID-Based electronic key system used instead of conventional mechanical key systems. LOCKREF is applicable to different surfaces like metal, plastic, wood, etc. thus has a wide range of application area. Remote access feature provides efficient user management. It offers a variety and easy to use options like smart cards, key rings and bracelets. There are online and offline using modes.



Online Working Mode

Central locking control system, with network connection, provides management authority, retrospective reports, alarms features against undesirable situations, not to allow to lock more than one cabinet with the same identity and debiting safety cabinet.


Offline Working Mode

With battery operated electronik locks, without network connection, individuals or groups can use the lockers with electronical identities.


LOCKREF Specifications

- Electronic locking system
- Easy installation to existent lockers
- High Quality, Durable Design
- Compatible with smart cards, key fobs and  wristbands
- Central Lock Control System
- Remote Access
- Usage Information back up
- Protection against thefts


LOCKREF Application Areas

- Libraries
- Hospitals
- Offices
- Universities and Schools
- Leisure Facilities
- Golf Courses
- Hotels
- Entertainment Facilities

















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