Compact Filling Systems


Physical lack of space in libraries could  prevent  the  conservation of collections  to a certain  extent, and some  collection   could   be  sent  to other  places  as a  consequence  of this process. As an  outcome  of  compact filling system in libraries, more collections and materials could be placed upon shelves and attained when needed. Compact filling systems maximize space usage. Through them,it is possible to manually or electronically open corridors to access required   materials.In addition to space -saving,a considerable increase in storage as well as functional capacity gathered.Specially designed, these shelves systems are made  of fire-resistant  materials  and  inner  air conditioning could  be regulated through inner mechanism.

Compact filling systems are opened up in a swift and quiet way as a consequence of electronic mechanism since it transfers desired parts to the system. This operation could manually or electronically be performed,and after it is completed,it slides over rails and is closed.Opening and closing processes are put into action through sensors.




At the same time, earthquake-resistant compact filling systems helps you have more  collections  since you efficiently  use physical space in libraries.


















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