PPS - Personel Tracking and Payment Systems


PPS is an Access Management System, that is using, both HF and UHF communication technologies where works on basically RFID based payment and personnel tracking systems. The architecture is basically based on the management of using a single card, which allows a personnel for access and payment operations. Traditionally, today, most of the companies are having troubles on the multiple usage of these access and payment cards. PPS, is the best solution for handling this. Some of the customers, which do not prefer to work with the banks mostly, can control the payment processes and especially logs and reporting stages via date and, name based by using the features of PPS.

Debiting operations can be handled via the sw and pos devices by using web GUI’s. Prepayment combined debiting scenarios can be realized using the system. Access management and expenditure on cards, can be reported statistically online via the system. By gathering this information, the consumption on the restaurant area can be controlled or modified on food production processes. A role based authentication and authorization mechanism is built in the system where a hierarchical structure can be defined. Using the web GUI’s, personnel Access and payment stages can be monitored and reported online. Using the dynamic modelling, extra Access points can be easily added where needed. System can run on offline scenarios, by using this, users can switch for both modes.


-   On the payment / spending screen;

Name, Direction (Enter, exit or Access), location based info can be seen,

-   Registered payment points, can be related with the devices by using system,

-   Related devices can be monitored on a list in the system,

-   The data can be updated on the paired devices and Access points and can be removed via a click




-    By using GUI, a new location can be identified with the inherited location relations,
-   Registered locations can be removed easily, if needed,
-   Personnel and guest Access reports can be generated in detail where the Access time and location data,
-    Using the systems, different access locations can be created,
-    Access points can be defined according to personnel for determining which personnel can pass through which gate, also reporting can be maintained upon the configuration,
-    Using the anti-pass back feature, if a personnel is not allowed to Access a gate, by using the same person’s gate, the personnel also cannot exit the area as well,
-    A guest‘s visit time can be limited visa the system where not used in the defined time period, card permissions can be blocked by the system,
-    For guest monitoring, system enables to follow the Access transactions that defined on a guest card.



















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